Monday, April 13, 2009

Amelia and Sam on Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday.. with my family.. A lovey day !!
Milly enjoying her Easter Egg!

Baby Samuel & me.. so cute !

My precious neice.. Amelia !

Easter Sunday 2009 was a very lovely day with my sister Sara, her husband Anthony, Mum and Dad and my neice Amelia and Nephew Sam..
I had a lovely time with the family on Sunday.. here are some pictures of Sam, Amelia, and my Sister Sara and Anthony..
Thankyou Sara and Anthony for a delicious lunch with Lamb chops, salad and Thanks Mum for the yummy Potato Bake !
Ps;; how cute is baby Samuel.. !

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  1. lovely photos mir, baby sam is very very cute just like his big sis.
    %*_*% rosey