Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toowoomba Angels :)

I must tell you about my Toowoomba friends.. these ladies are so special to me.
Funnily enough we all went to School together but didn't really hang out a lot during school days.. we were all friends however but had other groups of friends that we hung out with in our Teenage years.. But now we have re-united thru facebook.. 20 years on... we have formed a strong bond of friendship and support for eachother..
All of us come from different backgrounds, different life journey's..
Each of us have had times of hardship, sadness, fear and loss... Each lady is special and unique.. and although we are all different.. we all love eachother and I feel like I have sisters who love me and are always there for me.. Cannot tell you how much these ladies have lifted my spirits when down.. and how much fun we have when we get together ! We love Food !! And we all love Chocolate !! So usually our get togethers involve chocolate and a chocolate Fondue fountain ! Here are some photos of some good times I have had with these ladies..
Kylie, Kerry, Julie, Tracy and Toni...
Very special Toowoomba friends of mine :)
I call them my "angels" :)
Just M xx
Ps: I have other very important dear Angels in my life too.. especially Rosey!! Juls and Louise, Tammy, Tash, Vashti, Jan, Gabby, Sonia, Katie and Sara Banana who live in Brissy, Canberra and at Mt Tamborine.. And I have many other dear friends all over the place.. so I am soooooo blessed and lucky to have so many precious female friends.
Just wanted to put a special mention in about my Toowoomba "Angels" :) Love you all xx

Sam :)

How cute is my nephew Sam ! As a proud Aunty I just had to show off these photos...

Sam is 1 year old now.. time flies ! Seems like only yesterday I waas nursing Sam when he was 4 days old !

How cute is my nephew Sam ! As a proud Aunty I just had to show off these photos...

Seem's like only yesterday He was born ! ( born 20th March 2009) (hence the baby photo)
Love the one where he has a mini moustache which is actually dirt.. after taking a tumble in the dirt.. we grabbed our camera's to take a photo first.. before cleaning him up.. how cruel are we heh !! but it was a Kodak moment !!
Sam is at the most cutest age at the moment.. giving "koala" cuddles for free :)

My Neice and Nephew are growing up ! May 2010

A lovely day in Picnic point to catch up with the McFadyens and Auntie Marie and Uncle Neal.
Amelia had just turned 4 so we had a little picnic to celebrate.
Dad made a Go Cart for Sam and Amelia.. which was a "hit " !
I love the kids so much !

My Neice and Nephew are growing up !
Amelia turned 4 in April and Sam is now 1 year old already !!
Amelia now does ballet and goes to kindy and talks and chatters so much ! Very cute..
Sam is smiling, laughing at everything, dancing by bouncing his cute bum up and down, and walking ! Absolute little cutie pie.. love him to bits !
Above are some recent photos of the gorgeous kids..
Love Just M.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A bit about my partner Paul :) My best friend x

A bit about Paul Bishop... Middle name "Cornelius" ... born on the 24th June 1972. Paul went to St Mary's school Toowoomba.

Paul and I have known each other since year 11 in 1988 - as some of his mates associated with my girlfriends at school socials and Deb of the Downs etc. I used to date on of his mates for a few weeks when I was 18years old too ! Funny coincidence.. I always thought he was a wild boy back then but now.. 20 years on.. Paul is such a gentle, kindhearted, loving person. He has 2 sons - Liam who is 13 turning 14 this year in November, and Callum who is 12 years old. They are sweet, well mannered boys and well adjusted to their living arrangements.. one week with their mother, then alternate week spent with their Father ( Paul ) . Paul is such a good father also, he has fun with his boys, laughs and takes them on outings. You can see how much he loves them so dearly. He also is very involved in their schooling, making sure they do homework and behave well mannered in social settings. I have grown very fond of his boys too.. I would do anything for all of them as they are my family now. Paul has a lovely gentle dog also.. Rufus - 8 years old.

Paul's Mum is Annette, and partner's name is Glen. Sadly Paul's father passed away when Paul was 16years old from cancer, but I believe his Father must have been a strong wonderful man and role model for Paul. His Mother Annette is very happy, bubbly, loves to sing and dance to Rock n Roll.. always smiling and up for a conversation.. a warm loving woman.

Paul also has a younger Sister "Rachel" who is married with a little son.. living in Cairns. I have not met Rachel yet but I hope to soon! And I have met Paul's older Brother Michael who is Married also with 2 children.. I think they live in North Qld somewhere also.. Michael is a fun guy.. a policeman as a career and very close to Paul.. I can see the brotherly love :)

Paul works as a Sales Manager for "Franklin Electric" - selling pumps and irrigation supplies to farmers, and companies who need these big steel "things" for water. He travels away every second week to see his clients and do follow ups.. I get sad when he goes away.. but its all part of the job and it just makes the Heart grow fonder.

My family all love Paul and he is always so positive and happy !! He loves to sing, loves Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Elvis, Johny Cash, ACDC, Frank Sinatra.. and he sings with all his heart ! He loves Parramatta Eels.. made keen loyal supporter.. has been since he was a child.. He has a crazy HUGE collection of Parramatta Eels souvenirs, posters and jerseys! His Favourite players are Eric Growth and Nathan Hindmarsh. Paul also loves old movies.. Clint Eastwood especially and good old fashioned Westerns. If he was stranded on an island with only one movie to take.. He would take a Western with Clint Eastwood for sure ! I love his passion for life and how he makes everything just seem "Not" complicated.. He is so good for me !

So that's about it for now... I have met a very special guy who loves me so much.. sometimes I don't know how to show him how much he means to me... I love him and he is my world. Paul has helped me overcome sadness, a broken heart, lost confidence in myself.. he has changed my life to being positive, happy, having faith and believing in Love again.. He is the best ! :) He is my best friend xx

Wedding Celebrations ! Tim and Katie 10th April 2010

Here are some fun photos taken at my Brother Tim and Katie's wedding reception ! 10th April 2010. A great night !!

Above is Mum and Dad dancing away.. Sara in the background.. lol.. ! And my beautiful Partner Paul having fun giving my sister Sara a hug !
We caught up with Tim the night before his wedding also to have dinner.. so there are a couple of photos of Tim and Paul, and Paul and I the night before at the Albion pub.
This wedding was soooo much fun ! It brought all our families together, cousins, Aunts, Uncles.. friends.. and we all danced like there was no tommorrow ! Congratulations Tim and Katie ! Here's to a lifetime of happiness and love. !
Love Min xx ( Just M )

May 2010 ( and wedding photos Tim and Katie )

The Big Event.. Tim and Katie's Wedding 10th April 2010

Hello Blog... long time no write.. but am here to update my JUST M blog.
Well... since December 2009 -:-
Paul and I had a holiday at the Gold coast HI HO hotel for 10 nights.. celebrated new year there.. was a lovely break :)
Then back to Telstra working.. but just 2 weeks ago I "saw the light" and I quit.. now working in Realestate doing Administration duties.. will see how we go...
Plans are under way to move in with Paul... we are at the stage now where we think its frustrating and too difficult living apart when all we want to do is be together.
So am packing slowly and moving in soon into Pauls house.. the plan is for us to save up and then start fresh in a few months by selling his house and buying a house together.. it will be very exciting and gives me a positive outlook on our future :)
Tim and Katie are MARRIED !! Yes.. they are back home in Australia, Brisbane.. settling into married life and working now. The wedding was on the 10th April this year.. it was beautiful and romantic.
Sara and family are all good.. Amelia is now 4 !! And Sam is 1 ! They are so cute and growing so fast !
Mum and Dad are well.. Dad still working hard on the juice run and Mum keeping busy with her clever crafts.They love to visit the grandkids and I know they are so happy now that Tim is living back in Australia now.. I Both are well and happy which is great. On March the 5th this year, Mum and Dad celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.. quite an achievement !
So that is all for now..
Some photos of recent events attached..
Just M xx