Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Sister Sara

Introducing my Sister SARA.. ... ...

Here we are "the Clowes Sisters"

Sara is wearing the Yellow Tshirt in the photo on the right.

We have been life long friends as well as sisters..

Sara is an amazing, loving mother to her daughter Amelia and another Baby expected very soon !

Here is a photo of Sara and her Husband Anthony on Xmas day having fun.. and a couple more of the Very Beautiful Sara "Banana" (That's the nickname I call her.. :) ).

So there you have it.. my sister Sara.. isn't she lovely !!
Soon I will introduce my special dear friends in my life..
Till next time..
Love Miranda x

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little bit about me...

Here are some of my favourite things...

My favourite mug
that I drink my tea with.

My favourite eye cream I use everynight before going to bed.
My favourite Eye mask.. helps me sleep in on the weekends .. it's wonderful !
My favourite Music.. Keith Urban.. love it!
So there you have it.. a little bit more about me.. xx

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Brother Tim.. my buddy !

I must tell you about my brother Tim now.. Tim is 8 years younger than me.. (28years).. I remember the day he was born so well... My mother's mum "Nana" came into our bedroom to tell Sara my sister and I that we have now a new baby brother.. I was "Hooray" ! Sara wanted another Girl for a Sister..which was funny but she came around quickly..
Tim has been the kindest, sweetest, most generous brother anyone could wish for !
He rarely gets angry,, is patient and loyal. He really is just great..
Tim has been living overseas for the past 4 years in Bristol ( England ) with his lovely Girlfriend Katie ( now fiance.. to be married to eachother soon ! ). So I havn't seen a lot of Tim over the past few years but we keep in contact all the time and soon enough he will be back living in Australia again, so I can "annoy" him in a loving Sisterly way :)

Here is "Timbo and Katie ( his fiance) " !

Stay tuned for my next blog.. more about my beautiful sister Sara..
Love Miranda

Introducing My Parents


Introducing my wonderful Parents.. Peter and Jill..
Words cannot describe how much my parents mean to me..
They are my world.. they have been through so much with me..
Supported me in very sad times and helped me out no matter what..
Mum and Dad are still always there for me and for all of us children..
I know I am so lucky to have them.. as I get older my appreciation for
everything they do grows stronger.. I want them to be with me forever xx
I love them very much ..
Here is my mother and father - a recent photo. :)

My Precious niece Amelia

Let me share with you a couple of pictures of my precious niece Amelia..
Amelia makes me laugh, smile and feel so loved.. what a precious amazing little girl she is.
My sister Sara is an amazing mother and her husband Anthony a wonderful father.
I love Amelia so much.. here she is :)

Below is a photo of her mother Sara ( My sister ) and myself also...
Sara is due to have her second baby in 4 weeks.. I am so excited to become an Aunty again..
Amelia calls me "Mini".. this is my nickname which my parents named me.. and it has stuck so all the family call me "MIN or MINI'.. I love it :)
Here is my sister Sara and I..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just beginning.. by Just M xx

Hello all,

I am just starting my new blog today.. I have so much to say and talk about but I don't know where to start. My dearest friend Rosey inspired me to begin a blog.. to share with others. I don't know where it will lead.. or what direction it will go.. but that is what life is all about isn't it. We don't know where life is taking us.. I believe in fate... everything happens for a reason.. we just need to enjoy everyday as if it could be our last..
I am blessed with a loving family and some amazing, inspirational, loving friends.. so I will just follow my heart as I write in my blog and share with you my life as it continues day by day..

I love quotes and collect quotes.. I will start today with one of my favourites to share with you ..
"May you have enough happiness to make you sweet,
Enough trials to make you strong,
Enough sorrow to make you human,
and enough hope to make you happy "...
That is all for now...
Much love,
Just M xxxx