Monday, December 21, 2009

The last few months of 2009

Hi friends...
Well it's been a busy last few months of 2009.
I have moved into a new more modern unit still in Toowoomba = it has a nice outdoor courtyard. Will miss the friends I made at Tourist Rd but I enjoy the privacy of my new unit.
I have been dating a new lovely man "Paul" since July. We have been friends for 20 years or more.. but recently we became closer and I am so lucky to have him. He treats me with respect, adoration and is a true gentleman. I admire so much about him and He is a wonderful father to his 2 boys Liam (13yrs)and Callum (10yrs).
So as the end of 2009 draws to an end.. with xmas day only 3 days away I thought I would update my blog finally !
I have made some lovely new friends in Toowoomba with working at the CBA business centre and at Telstra. I have reconnected with some old school friends from St Saviours still living in Toowoomba after all these years !
Am still in touch with my dear friends Rosey, Louise, Julie and I know we will always be close .
My Brother Tim has finally come home from England to live with his Fiance and we are all excited about their wedding next year in April .
My sister Sara and hubby Anthony are going well - and gorgeous Amelia is now 3 years old and Sam is 9 months..
Sam is crawling.. will be walking soon.. he has the most gentle sweet nature.. always smiling.. he is beautiful !
Mum and Dad are well.. with some exciting plans for 2010. I am very happy for them and it will be great when Dad can retire and enjoy life a bit more !!
As for me.. well still struggling with the never ending burden of weight loss.. !!
But am happy and doing well.
Here are some photos of my boyfriend Paul and I...
Hope to be back in 2010.
Love Miranda xxx

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  1. what a great post, but no mention of keith urban??? i want to know how you got to touch his arm? lovely photos and so glad to know that you are happy. see you in the new year.