Monday, May 17, 2010

May 2010 ( and wedding photos Tim and Katie )

The Big Event.. Tim and Katie's Wedding 10th April 2010

Hello Blog... long time no write.. but am here to update my JUST M blog.
Well... since December 2009 -:-
Paul and I had a holiday at the Gold coast HI HO hotel for 10 nights.. celebrated new year there.. was a lovely break :)
Then back to Telstra working.. but just 2 weeks ago I "saw the light" and I quit.. now working in Realestate doing Administration duties.. will see how we go...
Plans are under way to move in with Paul... we are at the stage now where we think its frustrating and too difficult living apart when all we want to do is be together.
So am packing slowly and moving in soon into Pauls house.. the plan is for us to save up and then start fresh in a few months by selling his house and buying a house together.. it will be very exciting and gives me a positive outlook on our future :)
Tim and Katie are MARRIED !! Yes.. they are back home in Australia, Brisbane.. settling into married life and working now. The wedding was on the 10th April this year.. it was beautiful and romantic.
Sara and family are all good.. Amelia is now 4 !! And Sam is 1 ! They are so cute and growing so fast !
Mum and Dad are well.. Dad still working hard on the juice run and Mum keeping busy with her clever crafts.They love to visit the grandkids and I know they are so happy now that Tim is living back in Australia now.. I Both are well and happy which is great. On March the 5th this year, Mum and Dad celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.. quite an achievement !
So that is all for now..
Some photos of recent events attached..
Just M xx

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