Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A little bit about me...

Here are some of my favourite things...

My favourite mug
that I drink my tea with.

My favourite eye cream I use everynight before going to bed.
My favourite Eye mask.. helps me sleep in on the weekends .. it's wonderful !
My favourite Music.. Keith Urban.. love it!
So there you have it.. a little bit more about me.. xx


  1. Hey M love your Blog!!! Took me ages to find Rosie's, i as trying to remember the site name but eventually remembered it. Took the link from her site to yours. You are a wonderful person, so kind hearted and creative, i am sure your blog will generate a big following!!! Lots luv your red wine drinking buddy from Brisbane Carl :)

  2. great posts!! tim is the sweetest boy around. he will make a great dad one day. have a great week mmwwaahh