Monday, January 19, 2009

My Precious niece Amelia

Let me share with you a couple of pictures of my precious niece Amelia..
Amelia makes me laugh, smile and feel so loved.. what a precious amazing little girl she is.
My sister Sara is an amazing mother and her husband Anthony a wonderful father.
I love Amelia so much.. here she is :)

Below is a photo of her mother Sara ( My sister ) and myself also...
Sara is due to have her second baby in 4 weeks.. I am so excited to become an Aunty again..
Amelia calls me "Mini".. this is my nickname which my parents named me.. and it has stuck so all the family call me "MIN or MINI'.. I love it :)
Here is my sister Sara and I..

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  1. great photos mirr!! that baby is soooo cute... just like her aunty. %*_*%