Monday, January 19, 2009

My Brother Tim.. my buddy !

I must tell you about my brother Tim now.. Tim is 8 years younger than me.. (28years).. I remember the day he was born so well... My mother's mum "Nana" came into our bedroom to tell Sara my sister and I that we have now a new baby brother.. I was "Hooray" ! Sara wanted another Girl for a Sister..which was funny but she came around quickly..
Tim has been the kindest, sweetest, most generous brother anyone could wish for !
He rarely gets angry,, is patient and loyal. He really is just great..
Tim has been living overseas for the past 4 years in Bristol ( England ) with his lovely Girlfriend Katie ( now fiance.. to be married to eachother soon ! ). So I havn't seen a lot of Tim over the past few years but we keep in contact all the time and soon enough he will be back living in Australia again, so I can "annoy" him in a loving Sisterly way :)

Here is "Timbo and Katie ( his fiance) " !

Stay tuned for my next blog.. more about my beautiful sister Sara..
Love Miranda

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