Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Neice and Nephew are growing up ! May 2010

A lovely day in Picnic point to catch up with the McFadyens and Auntie Marie and Uncle Neal.
Amelia had just turned 4 so we had a little picnic to celebrate.
Dad made a Go Cart for Sam and Amelia.. which was a "hit " !
I love the kids so much !

My Neice and Nephew are growing up !
Amelia turned 4 in April and Sam is now 1 year old already !!
Amelia now does ballet and goes to kindy and talks and chatters so much ! Very cute..
Sam is smiling, laughing at everything, dancing by bouncing his cute bum up and down, and walking ! Absolute little cutie pie.. love him to bits !
Above are some recent photos of the gorgeous kids..
Love Just M.

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