Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Celebrations ! Tim and Katie 10th April 2010

Here are some fun photos taken at my Brother Tim and Katie's wedding reception ! 10th April 2010. A great night !!

Above is Mum and Dad dancing away.. Sara in the background.. lol.. ! And my beautiful Partner Paul having fun giving my sister Sara a hug !
We caught up with Tim the night before his wedding also to have dinner.. so there are a couple of photos of Tim and Paul, and Paul and I the night before at the Albion pub.
This wedding was soooo much fun ! It brought all our families together, cousins, Aunts, Uncles.. friends.. and we all danced like there was no tommorrow ! Congratulations Tim and Katie ! Here's to a lifetime of happiness and love. !
Love Min xx ( Just M )


  1. love love love the photos!! your dress was beautiful and you all look so happy. keep updating this blog cause i love hearing about you and all that is going on. hope you are keeping warm, brisbane was very very chilly yesterday but back to its warmish self today. i LOVE you. send my love to paul and the boys.

  2. Thankyou Rosey ! I decided to update my little diary blog finally :)
    I think you are my only follower.. but it is still nice to keep the memories safe and write down my thoughts.. I love your blogs too xx
    And yes it is FREEEEZZZING in tmba !! keep warm xx