Monday, May 17, 2010

A bit about my partner Paul :) My best friend x

A bit about Paul Bishop... Middle name "Cornelius" ... born on the 24th June 1972. Paul went to St Mary's school Toowoomba.

Paul and I have known each other since year 11 in 1988 - as some of his mates associated with my girlfriends at school socials and Deb of the Downs etc. I used to date on of his mates for a few weeks when I was 18years old too ! Funny coincidence.. I always thought he was a wild boy back then but now.. 20 years on.. Paul is such a gentle, kindhearted, loving person. He has 2 sons - Liam who is 13 turning 14 this year in November, and Callum who is 12 years old. They are sweet, well mannered boys and well adjusted to their living arrangements.. one week with their mother, then alternate week spent with their Father ( Paul ) . Paul is such a good father also, he has fun with his boys, laughs and takes them on outings. You can see how much he loves them so dearly. He also is very involved in their schooling, making sure they do homework and behave well mannered in social settings. I have grown very fond of his boys too.. I would do anything for all of them as they are my family now. Paul has a lovely gentle dog also.. Rufus - 8 years old.

Paul's Mum is Annette, and partner's name is Glen. Sadly Paul's father passed away when Paul was 16years old from cancer, but I believe his Father must have been a strong wonderful man and role model for Paul. His Mother Annette is very happy, bubbly, loves to sing and dance to Rock n Roll.. always smiling and up for a conversation.. a warm loving woman.

Paul also has a younger Sister "Rachel" who is married with a little son.. living in Cairns. I have not met Rachel yet but I hope to soon! And I have met Paul's older Brother Michael who is Married also with 2 children.. I think they live in North Qld somewhere also.. Michael is a fun guy.. a policeman as a career and very close to Paul.. I can see the brotherly love :)

Paul works as a Sales Manager for "Franklin Electric" - selling pumps and irrigation supplies to farmers, and companies who need these big steel "things" for water. He travels away every second week to see his clients and do follow ups.. I get sad when he goes away.. but its all part of the job and it just makes the Heart grow fonder.

My family all love Paul and he is always so positive and happy !! He loves to sing, loves Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Elvis, Johny Cash, ACDC, Frank Sinatra.. and he sings with all his heart ! He loves Parramatta Eels.. made keen loyal supporter.. has been since he was a child.. He has a crazy HUGE collection of Parramatta Eels souvenirs, posters and jerseys! His Favourite players are Eric Growth and Nathan Hindmarsh. Paul also loves old movies.. Clint Eastwood especially and good old fashioned Westerns. If he was stranded on an island with only one movie to take.. He would take a Western with Clint Eastwood for sure ! I love his passion for life and how he makes everything just seem "Not" complicated.. He is so good for me !

So that's about it for now... I have met a very special guy who loves me so much.. sometimes I don't know how to show him how much he means to me... I love him and he is my world. Paul has helped me overcome sadness, a broken heart, lost confidence in myself.. he has changed my life to being positive, happy, having faith and believing in Love again.. He is the best ! :) He is my best friend xx

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