Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toowoomba Angels :)

I must tell you about my Toowoomba friends.. these ladies are so special to me.
Funnily enough we all went to School together but didn't really hang out a lot during school days.. we were all friends however but had other groups of friends that we hung out with in our Teenage years.. But now we have re-united thru facebook.. 20 years on... we have formed a strong bond of friendship and support for eachother..
All of us come from different backgrounds, different life journey's..
Each of us have had times of hardship, sadness, fear and loss... Each lady is special and unique.. and although we are all different.. we all love eachother and I feel like I have sisters who love me and are always there for me.. Cannot tell you how much these ladies have lifted my spirits when down.. and how much fun we have when we get together ! We love Food !! And we all love Chocolate !! So usually our get togethers involve chocolate and a chocolate Fondue fountain ! Here are some photos of some good times I have had with these ladies..
Kylie, Kerry, Julie, Tracy and Toni...
Very special Toowoomba friends of mine :)
I call them my "angels" :)
Just M xx
Ps: I have other very important dear Angels in my life too.. especially Rosey!! Juls and Louise, Tammy, Tash, Vashti, Jan, Gabby, Sonia, Katie and Sara Banana who live in Brissy, Canberra and at Mt Tamborine.. And I have many other dear friends all over the place.. so I am soooooo blessed and lucky to have so many precious female friends.
Just wanted to put a special mention in about my Toowoomba "Angels" :) Love you all xx

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